“Silence is a source of great strength.” – Lao Tsu

It indeed is! Especially during moments of great sadness, anger or pain

Silent Buddha

Known spaces, unknown corners,
Always filled with silence.
Constant life, never ending days,
Lost in a mayhem of balance.

Wrapped layers of muteness,
Memories piled in grime.
Silence hanging like cobwebs,
Beneath the pillars of time.

Emotions shadowed in suspense.
The heart in quiet repent.
Anger, grief; fear, betrayal;
Stories of mute discontent.

The eager vociferous soul-
Quivering in a silent scream!
Past, present, and future,
Mated in a stifling dream!

Words dear words all failing;
Voices losing strength.
Silence gently engulfing,
Hushing life into compliance!

***   ***

© Payel Bhattacharyya



heart of the book leaves background

A cherished friend for life, 
My perfect companion in solitude.
Its wonders seized and enlivened
In precious moments of quietude…

A glorious world invades mine,
Ages and centuries entwine.
Words weave a fantasy universe,
My Self is lost in time.

Each breath, laden and suspended,
Emotions, unrestrained and bare,
Every moment brilliantly sublime,
For this world, I do not care!

Books – you are a safe haven,
A confidant always to be found;
In the touch of crisp or yellowed pages;
Intensely, and lovingly bound!

Amidst life and many commitments,
Books, you are a joy untold.
A world of  passionate exploration,
Within you, I unfold!

***   ***

© Payel Bhattacharyya



Cherish my dreams. Like the elements of nature, they are constant and ever-changing.

DreamCatcher Woman


There’s a path – that always travels back,

A path crossed many times over;

Some dreams were left behind,

Under wisps of four-leafed clover.

Naked, shivering and playful,

Relentlessly they pursue and tease.

Tugging at the hem of emotions –

Dreams unravel memories.

A shadowy dance of remembrance,

Warm, caressing and fanciful.

Ensnared in time and space,

Dreams are haunting and powerful!

In moments of now and never,

Snapshots pressed in rhyme.

Dreams keep weaving stories…

Of lives somewhere lost in time.

Hushed by a deep slumber,

Dreams doth reign the night.

That too shall not last forever –

Life will shine its eternal light!

˜˜˜   ˜˜˜

© Payel Bhattacharyya

Ideal Self?



What could be an Ideal Self?

I reflected on people who were ideal. Names both living and dead surfaced instantly – artists, literates, philosophers, historians, visionaries and so on…. Geniuses whose works are always a source of tremendous inspiration. Their life and times, their glories and makings are continuously being reviewed, propagated and honored. But is it enough? Enough to hallmark them as ideal? All my learning’s suddenly seemed very stunted. My understandings paled into incomprehension.

I rephrased the question: ‘Am I my Ideal Self?’
Generally, my thoughts and I are forever engaged! Aroused or asleep our discourses are never-ending. We are like two beads strung together alternating between dissension and agreement. But this question left me paralyzed. It silenced my thoughts leaving me vacant and stranded…

In between daily mundane chores I resolutely pursued the question – What could be this ideal self? Are we born with certain prefixed genetic code that determines our ideal self? Are we bred into it through culture and upbringing? Do we consciously create and perfect our ideal selves? Or is it a prophesy willing to touch and uplift only the chosen ones? As a woman possessed I remained steadfast in my quest but in moments of dissolution I felt agitated, bereft, exposed…

Perhaps there is no ideal self –  I confessed and it was then, that all my dissociated thoughts surfaced back with remarkable transparency!

There is no Ideal Self!

Ideal Self is a concept, a learning. Our perceptions, experiences, understandings are always observing, shifting, expanding and this process helps to create that Ideal Self! Our lives are suspended between past and present and inside this wavering and reeling we are ceaselessly perfecting our imperfections!

Ideal Self is a preference, it is a resolution we make to ourselves. Life is emphasized by crossroads. Every divide makes us pause, offers us to choose. Our decisions become our Ideal Self.

All my queries were inappropriately phrased. It is not ‘What is an ideal self?’ or ‘Who is an ideal self?’ or whether ‘Am I an ideal self ?’
It is: ‘Am I becoming my ideal self?’ – through my know-hows, my exposures and my accomplishments…

In the end if we choose to live this Life with compassion, enrich the Self with sound wisdom and provide meaningful service to all of Humanity then we are consciously becoming our Ideal Selves. And to pay reverence to what Baudelaire had said this is how we will ‘end up looking like our ideal selves…’

Folding and Unfolding


The credit to the title of this blog goes to author Ali Smith from her book ‘Free love: and other stories’. Fabulous author! Beautiful, restrained style of writing that can convey so much.

‘Folding and Unfolding’ words that have intrigued me! Held me captivated! In life, these words are juxtaposed between my observations and sensibilities…

I had remained folded inside my mother’s womb…then had been unfolded and be born.

I experience. I mature. My life is unfolding…

I once folded Dreams within courage and prayers but now they are unfolding…I am walking with them into the unknown…

My Love, once folded discreetly between layers of pleasure and doubt, is now laid bare…I have been possessed and unfolded!

Youth, folded inside time and space is assuredly mellowing…it is crumbling, it is fading, it is unfolding…

This Life – charted within the folds of the universe, very much unknown and unheeded is surreptitiously advancing…

…its knowledge expanding, its values compiling, its legacy unfolding…