Folding and Unfolding


The credit to the title of this blog goes to author Ali Smith from her book ‘Free love: and other stories’. Fabulous author! Beautiful, restrained style of writing that can convey so much.

‘Folding and Unfolding’ words that have intrigued me! Held me captivated! In life, these words are juxtaposed between my observations and sensibilities…

I had remained folded inside my mother’s womb…then had been unfolded and be born.

I experience. I mature. My life is unfolding…

I once folded Dreams within courage and prayers but now they are unfolding…I am walking with them into the unknown…

My Love, once folded discreetly between layers of pleasure and doubt, is now laid bare…I have been possessed and unfolded!

Youth, folded inside time and space is assuredly mellowing…it is crumbling, it is fading, it is unfolding…

This Life – charted within the folds of the universe, very much unknown and unheeded is surreptitiously advancing…

…its knowledge expanding, its values compiling, its legacy unfolding…


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